Program would then display a message indicating so

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Write out a pseudocode that will have two parallel array. One will be a String array named people that is initialized with the names of seven of your friends, and a String array named phoneNumbers that is initialized with your friends' phone numbers. The program should allow the user to enter a person's name (or part of a person's name). It should then search for that person in the people array. If the person is found, it should get that person's phone number from the phoneNumbers array and display it. If the person is not found in the people array, the program would then display a message indicating so.

Reference no: EM132183894

Design an adt that stores the side effects of various drugs

Design an ADT that stores the side effects of various drugs. Each drug should have a list of associated side effects. Provide a method that returns the side effects of a giv

Discuss two templates of microsoft office

Microsoft Office software has a variety of templates for common tasks many individuals use on a daily basis. Go to Excel, PowerPoint, or Access and view at least six templat

Identify information requirements

Describe how the balanced scorecard with help management to identify information requirements. Discuss the IS system that you would recommend for management to use to obtain

Otherwise assigns false to duplicates otherwise

Write some code that assigns True to a variable duplicates if there are two adjacent elements in the list that have the same value, but that otherwise assigns False to dupl

Estimate the standard deviation for the voltmeter

A voltmeter is used to measure a known voltage of 110 V. Fifty percent of the readings are within 0.5 V of 110 V. Assuming a normal distribution for the uncertainty, estimat

Organizational culture and external environment

Multiple factors are associated with team effectiveness. They include factors designated Team Characteristics, Nature of Work, and the environmental Context. Most issues are

What is the minimum required frame length for this ethernet

Assume that two nodes in a 10Mbps Ethernet cable are 1200 meters apart. Also assume that the signal propagation speed is 2 x 10 8 meters/second. What is the minimum required

Homework and focus on one or two problems

What ideas helped you better understand the problem or what questions do you have? Be specific. (This is just for regular discussion post, can anyone can complete this qu


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