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Problem 1: Write a program to solve a simple payroll calculation. Find the amount of pay given, hours worked, and hourly rate. (The formula to calculate payroll is pay = hourly rate * hours worked.) Use these values to test the calculation: Problem 1A (hours = 30 and rate = 8.52) and Problem 1B (hours = 53 and rate = 11.54). Display hourly rate, hours worked, and pay. Use the print command and make basic mathematical calculations.

Problem 2: Write a program that will calculate the average miles per gallon obtained on a trip. Input the amount of gas used and the number of miles driven. (The formula to calculate miles per gallon is miles per gallon = number of miles driven / amount of gas used. ) Use these values to test the calculation: Problem 2 (number of miles driven = 298) and (amount of gas used = 12.17). Use the print command and make basic mathematical calculations.

Reference no: EM131073578

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(On many systems, you must use a value of 16 or lower to achieve correct results; the factorial of higher numbers is larger than the value that can be stored in an integer.)

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Find the minimum value of the contention interval. Note that you will have to find one attempt past the one that succeeds, in order to determine if there was a collision. Ig

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Suppose also that the probability of a task failing is p per job per second, and when a task fails, the overhead of management of the restart is such that it adds 10t second


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