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Define a function that takes two input parameters, a vector of test scores and a scalar passing grade. The function returns the fraction of passing grades as a number in the range [0 1] (so 0.3 means 30% of the grades were passing. Define the function without using any MATLAB library functions.

Write a main program that prompts the user to enter grades in a loop, ending on a negative number, stores the grades in a vector, and asks the user for a passing grade. Ten pass the grade vector and passing cutoff to the function and print the percent of passing grades.

Reference no: EM13167819

Write a matlab m-code which solve finite difference equation

Write a Matlab M-code program which solves the Finite Difference equations for the unknown temperatures Ti where the value of N, the number of internal nodes in the vertical d

Give the gradient operator in paraboloidal coordinates

Given that the le data.txt contains only real numbers seperated by white space, write down a sequence of maple commands that will read the data into a maple list and then p

Estimate the area of the tea spill

The surface area of a tea spill is estimated by measuring the width (in cm) of the spill at equally spaced intervals of 1.5 cm (width data is found in TeaSpill.txt). Use num

Implement the support vector machine algorithm

Write a program to implement the Support Vector Machine algorithm. Train an SVM classifer with data from to3 and (04 in the following way - Train your classifier with just t

Design an optimal equiripple glp fir filter

Design a filter that meets all specifications, and show your results in support. Comment on the path your design process took, in particular on observations made and actions

Write a program that will plot constant voltage curves

Write a program that will plot constant voltage curves for a dipole in a vacuum with inputs based on following. ( additional page to be posted on BB, bottom page 4-53 notes)

Develop mathematical equations for the motor system

Develop mathematical equations for the motor system to relate the input voltage to armature current, shaft speeds (including main shaft's speed and gearbox's speed) and angu

Scatterplot of data with intensity of light transmission

ENG1060 ASSIGNMENT - Calculate the coefficient of determination and add it at the top of the plot as a text label using the Matlab command ‘text' - create a scatterplot of dat


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