Program that calculates the average of n integers

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Write a program that calculates the average of N integers. The program should prompt the user to enter the value for N and then afterward must enter all N numbers. Use an array to save the N integers. If the user enters a nonpositive value for N, then an exception should be thrown (and caught) with the message "N must be positive." If there is any exception as the user is entering the N numbers, an error message should be displayed, and the user prompted to enter the number again.

Reference no: EM131280229

Develop move-squares

Develop move-squares. It consumes a list of squares, as defined above, and a number delta. The function modifies each on the list by adding delta to the x-component of its p

How many cities and towns there are in the united states

Estimate how many cubic miles of water flow out of the mouth of the Mississippi River each day. Do not look up any supplemental facts. Describe all assumptions you made in a

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Review assigned article, "Harnessing the Power of Corporate Culture (Developing Leaders for a Sustainable Global Society)". Consider the "new model of leadership" discussed

Find the code word to represent the 10-bit information

Assuming we are using the Hamming algorithm presented in this chapter to design ourerror-correcting code, find the code word to represent the 10-bit information word:1001100

What is the primary role of chief information officer

What is the primary role of the Chief Information Officer in organizations today? If you are able, please use your own organization in your response.

Analysis of a workstation computer

Fully detail, explain and justify the steps you would take before conducting the actual seizure of the computer and attached devices. Consider planning, preparation, obtaini

Describe von neumann architecture

Computer architecture is the combination of software and hardware that is organized in such a fashion as to deliver the machine's intended performance characteristics. Descr

Purpose of the logical network perimeter mechanism

Describe the purpose of the logical network perimeter mechanism and how it establishes a logical boundary. Further, list the components commonly used to create a logical net


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