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Q1. DIGIMAX Multimedia is a multimedia content development company would like to release various educational CD/DVD in the market. In this regards, the company wants to approach professional interactive media developers to develop various subject/content based state-of-the-art interactive educational resources for its products. You have been asked to design an Interactive Educational CD/DVD titled "ENCYCLOPAEDIA ON EARTH". The content may include various exploration facts of the world like Geographical Information, Continents, Oceans, Mountains, Deserts, Volcanos, Antarctica, Nations, or any other relevant information. The design must include powerful user interface and various multimedia components like images, schematics, maps, audio, video, animations (2D/3D), flash animations, texts etc. The application also should also have 3D graphics /objects/ models and interactivity/user interface for the 3D objects must be incorporated using scripting features. Use the scripting feature to facilitate user feedback form with in the design and user feedback information must be save in separate TXT file. Ensure all copyrighted materials used are properly acknowledged.

You are also allowed to explore other subject areas and design the encyclopaedia of your choice. Discuss your selected choices of topics for the assignment with the faculty. Few interesting topics are

-  Encyclopaedia of Architecture
-  Encyclopaedia of Human Body
-  Encyclopaedia of Space
-  Science Encyclopaedia
-  Encyclopaedia of Animals
-  Encyclopaedia of Inventions
-  Encyclopaedia of Computer
-  Encyclopaedia of Jewelleries

The output should be copied on CD/DVD, which could be used for educational purposes. The CD/DVD must be placed inside the market ready package box and must be incorporated with the auto run facilities. The CD/DVD should also contain SETUP.EXE / INSTALL.EXE. The installation program, must copy the necessary files onto destination, create shortcut on desktop, create program manager group.

Test your media by running setup and install onto KIOSK provided in the Multimedia Lab. Read the following guidelines for marks allocations carefully and design your deliverables accordingly.

a. Content, Information architecture, Application design structure.

b. User interface implementation including interface for 3D objects.

c. Add fully working navigation in the Encyclopaedia. Add proper controllers to the video files in your deliverables.

d. Usage of proper media files and data.

e. Synchronization and Integration of various effects

f. Publish your file as a standalone projector format(.exe). Organize the information, libraries, and resources for auto run play. Also design the setup/installation and package for the market.

2. Compile a report on question 1 consisting of following details not exceeding 1500 words.

(i) Introduction;
(ii) Literature Review;
(iii) Evaluation of available/ existing system;
(iv) Conceptual Design;
(v) Content Design;
(vi) Interactivity Design;
(vii) System Design.
(viii) Conclusion or Reflections

3. Design a promotional movie for launching of this "Encyclopaedia on Earth" (or any other encyclopaedia you have designed and developed) for various platform including pervasive / mobile platforms. The movie should not exceed 3 minutes duration and must be submitted in .MP4 format.

Reference no: EM13144269

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