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Wes Wheeler is the production manager of Wheeler Wheels, Inc. Wes has just received orders for 1,000 standard wheels and 1,250 deluxe wheels next month and for 800 standard and 1,500 deluxe wheels the following month. All orders are to be filled. The cost of producing standard wheels is $10 and deluxe wheels is $16. Overtime rates are 50% higher. There are 1,000 hours of regular time and 500 hours of overtime available each month. It takes .5 hour to make a standard wheel and .6 hour to make a deluxe wheel. The cost of storing one wheel from one month to the next is $2. Wes wants to develop a two-month production schedule for standard and deluxe wheels. Formulate this production planning problem as a linear program

Reference no: EM13905537

Outlining the components of the program

Illustrate integrative learning in outlining the components of the program, their importance and why the program should be developed. Integrate research from the course text

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