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Assessment - Establish the payroll system

In response to the scenario provided, you will develop a step-by-step plan to establish a payroll system, develop security procedures, establish control measures, and ensure procedures guarantee substantiation of claims for allowances.

1. Consider the scenario and task provided.

2. Consider the design of a payroll system to cover organisational and legislative requirements.

3. Prepare a planning document in which you outline steps you would take to establish the payroll system. Your plan must include a step-by-step description of review, design, development and implementation. Include:

a. a survey of legal environment

b. the development of policies and procedures (refer specifically to those three developed in steps 4-5 of this procedure.

c. communication/consultation.

4. Write a policy and procedures document to ensure security of employee payroll information. Include reference to relevant legislation.

5. Write a policy and procedures document to ensure substantiation of claims for allowances. Include reference to relevant legislation.

6. Write a policy and procedures document to safeguard organisational resources. Include reference to relevant legislation or standards.

7. Write a one page reflection on the process of designing the payroll system. Describe how both organisational and legislative requirements are met by each step of your proposed plan. Describe how policy and procedures documents are designed to ensure all legislative and organisational requirements.

2000 words

10 references

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Reference no: EM131178446

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Submit all documents required in the specifications to your assessor. Ensure you keep a copy of all work submitted for your records. You must submit: planning document with steps to establish payroll system, three policy and procedures documents referred to in plan and one page reflection. Your assessor will be looking for: literacy skills to write detailed instructions, knowledge of key provisions of relevant legislation from all forms of government, standards, regulations and codes that may affect aspects of business operations, such as: Australian Taxation Office regulations, anti discrimination legislation and ethical principles, superannuation guarantee and knowledge of organisational policies and procedures across the full range of tasks requiredby payroll processes.

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