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Competitive advantage is process of creating unique features on the product and completely differentiating it from the similar products. By protecting the product through patent filing it can boost the profitability even in larger market segment. How do we evaluate the suitability of market segment to the firm?

Reference no: EM131111635

Identify and define at least one control object

Assuming the same file system as before, consider a scenario consisting of selecting a File on a floppy, dragging it to Folder and releasing the mouse. Identify and define a

Improve efficiency in processing data in excel

Describe a situation in a work environment where the use of macros would improve efficiency in processing data in Excel. Identify the likely challenge(s) you would face in d

Create a new table that adds a new column

Create a new table that adds a new column to the l_foods table. Use a row function that will add together the price and the price_increase columns. Name the new column new_p

How the output signal of a single nand gate can be applied

An integrated-circuit logic family has NAND gates with fan-out of 5 and buffer gates with fan-out of 10. Show how the output signal of a single NAND gate can be applied to 5

Creating a telnet firewall rule

Telnet is a protocol used for terminal emulation. Because it lacks support for encryption, Telnet is not used for sensitive communications across unsecure networks, but it m

Overview describing how multimedia has evolved

An overview describing how multimedia has evolved. The tools or protocols you recommend for the business, including the reasoning for your choices. Explanation for why you bel

Data output for the validate employee elementary process

Primitive Diagram for the Check-Out Equipment Event Structured English (pseudocode) for the Check Equipment Event Validate Employee elementary processes Data Structure Desig

Describe a linear-time algorithm

Describe a linear-time (in the size of the set of FDs, where the size of each FD is the number of attributes involved) algorithm for finding the attribute closure of a set o


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