Procedural structure of a simple inventory-accounting system

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Q1) Using a structure chart, represent the procedural structure of a simple inventory/accounting system for a small store (perhaps a rivately owned curio shop in a resort community). What modules in your system must be modified because of changes in sales tax laws? What modules would need to be changed if the decision is made to maintain a record of past customers so that advertising can be mailed to them? And design an object-oriented solution to the previous problem and represent it by a class diagram.

Reference no: EM1350071

Design a complete program - area of a retangle

Design a flowchart and write the pseudocode for this program including a function that accepts a rectangle''s width and length as arguments and returns the rectangle's area.

What is the peak achievable performance

Consider a memory system with a level 1 cache of 32 KB and DRAM of 512 MB with the processor operating at 1 GHz. The latency to L1 cache is one cycle and the latency to DRAM

Introduction to networking course

You have just completed 10 weeks of an introduction to networking course. Imagine you have been asked to create a one-day training course that highlights the important eleme

Improving on an existing idea or developing a new idea

How can intellectual property protection discourage others from improving on an existing idea or developing a new idea?  Is this a serious problem?  What can be done to prot

8-bit registers are there in the intel 80x86 cpu design

In total, how many 8-bit registers are there in the Intel 80x86 CPU design presented in class? Name one of these 8-bit registers.

Given the churn data for training and test

Given the churn data for training and test, develop models using different techniques i.e. "Logistic Regression", "Decision Trees", "Random Forests" and "Neural Networks".

Explain main points to write in the communications plan

Recognize the main points you would write in the communications plan at this point in project. What suggestions would you give your project team to aid it manage user expect

Cobit readings from the electronic reserve readings

Effective information security recommendations must be incorporated into a formal information systems security plan with the objective to protect critical organization infor


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