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Decision Making Across the Organization

You are a loan officer for Great Plains of Davenport. Jason Putnam, president of J. Putnam Corporation, has left your office. He is interested in an 8-year loan to expand the company's operations. The borrowed funds would be used to purchase new equipment. As evidence of the company's debt-worthiness, Putnam provided you with the following facts.




Current ratio



Asset turnover



Cash debt coverage



Net income

Up 32%

Down 8%

Earnings per share



  Putnam is a very insistent (Some would say pushy) man. When you told him that you would need additional information before making your decision, he acted offended and sad, "what more could you possibly want to know?" You responded that, at a minimum, you would need complete, audited financial statement.


With the class divided into groups, answer the following.

1. Explain why you would want the financial statement to be audited.

2. Discuss the implications of the ratios provided for the lending decision you are to make. That is, does the information paint a favorable picture? Are these ratios relevant to the decision?

3. List three other ratios that you would want to calculate for this company, and explain why you would use each.

Reference no: EM13756639

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