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During the late nineteenth century in the United States, many farmers borrowed heavily to buy land. During most of the period between 1870 and the mid-1890s, the United States experienced mild deflation: The price level declined each year. Many farmers engaged in political protests during these years, and deflation was often a subject of their protests. Explain why farmers would have felt burdened by deflation.

Reference no: EM131023416

Explain which areas of humanities should be emphasized why

How can an individual sustain and grow a healthy and useful culture in the areas of music, literature, art, theater, education, or religion? Which area(s) of the humanities

Record the redemption of the bonds assuming that interest

On January 1, 2012, when the carrying value of the bonds was $832,000, the company redeemed the bonds at 105. Record the redemption of the bonds assuming that interest for the

What is callable preferred stock

What is callable preferred stock? Why do corporations issue such stock? Given the different features that are associated with stock (callable, cumulative, preferred, etc.),

Assume it is january 1, 2008 and you have just fallen

Assume it is January 1, 2008 and you have just fallen in love with the perfect mate. The only problem is that s/he has a eight year old son from a previous marriage who you wi

Importance of cash flow statement

This question relates to Accounting Basics and it's discussed about the importance of cash flow statement in addition to balance sheet and income statements. Apart from bala

Cost in a separate land account

Northwood paid $150,000 in cash. Record the purchase in the journal, identifying each lot's cost in a separate Land account. Round decimals to three places, and use your com

Treatment of customer groups

1. Explain how the treatment of customer groups as segments can be useful to a firm. 2. What are margin and turnover? Explain how these concepts can improve the evaluation of

Calculate the approximate dividend payout ratio

A Wall Street Journal quotation for a company has the following values: Div: $1.12, PE: 18.3, Close: $37.22. Calculate the approximate dividend payout ratio for the company.


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