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Assume we are using the simple model for floating-point representation as given in the text ( the representation uses a 14-bit format, 5 bits for the exponent with a bias of 16, a normaliezed mantissa of 8 bits and a single sign bit for the number);

1. Show how the computer would represent the numbers 100.0 and 0.25 using this floating-point format

2. Show how the computer would add the two floating-point numbers in part a by changing one of the numbers so they are both expressed using the same power of 2

3. Show thow the computer would represent the sum in part b using the given floatiing-poing representation. What decimal value for the sum is the computer accually storing. explain

Reference no: EM131204376

Analog to digital converter

A 4 bit analog to digital converter has a voltage range of 0 to 6v and a digitization uncertainty of +/- 1 lsb . what is max uncertainty for 6v signal? what is max uncertain

Requirements for the program-java programming

The program must prompt the user to enter the amount of tickets he/she wants to purchase (must be between 1 and 5) A ticket will be made up of two sets of numbers - a group of

Design of the logic circuit

Kyle, Patrick, Jorge and Steven are hungry college students. They want a quicker way to decide where to go for lunch, the Marshall Center or Juniper. The majority wins, exce

Usefulness of office suites

Assume that you did not have access to Microsoft Office or other compatible application suites. Describe at least three (3) tasks that you would not be able to perform witho

Server-side scripting language for websites

Python is a high-level, server-side scripting language for websites and mobile apps. It's considered a fairly easy language for beginners due to its readability and compact

Microsoft addition to series of word application software

Word 2013 is a Microsoft's addition to a series of Word Application software. How is this version of Microsoft Word different from earlier versions of Microsoft Word? Be sur

Value into the variable name then prints the message

Write some code that reads a value into the variable name then prints the message "Greetings, NAME" on a line by itself, where NAME is replaced the value that was read into

Research on distributed computing applications ( is an organization that coordinates research on distributed computing applications. People and organizations can join an


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