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Demand Curves

The Eastern Shuttle, Inc., is a regional airline providing shuttle service between New York and Washington, DC. An analysis of the monthly demand for service has revealed the following demand relation:

Q = 26,000 - 500P - 250POG + 200IB - 5,000S

where is quantity measured by the number of passengers per month, is price ($), POG is a regional price index for other consumer goods (1967 = 1.00), Iis an index of business activity, and S, a binary or dummy variable, equals 1 in summer months and 0 otherwise.

A. Determine the demand curve facing the airline during the winter month of January if POG = 4 and I= 250.

B. Determine the demand curve facing the airline, quantity demanded, and total revenues during the summer month of July if = $100 and all other price-related and business activity variables are as specified previously.

Reference no: EM13967031

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