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In an RSA public key system let us suppose that p = 3, q = 11, m = 18.

Calculate public key, private key and c with details. And, show that how do you calculate m at destination.

Reference no: EM131274824

Aspects of designing business presentations

Create an 8- to 10-slide presentation that should be 5 to 10 minutes in length. Please include detailed speaker notes, based on the Week 4 Persuasive Messages Part I & Part II

Logic flow chart with four methods

Create a Visual Logic flow chart with four methods. Main method will create an arrayof 5 elements, then it will call a read method, a sort method and a print methodpassing t

How the microprocessor could branch to an address

The ASM chart of Figures 7.11 and 7.13 implements a branch instruction with a direct mode operand. Modify the ASM chart to show how the microprocessor could branch to an add

Write the definition of a function absolutevalue

Write the definition of a function absoluteValue , that receives an integer parameter and returns the absolute value of the parameter's value. So, if the parameter's value i

Disaster recovery planning

You have a small remote office that is running Server 2012, no active directory. You want to back up the Server, including data files. The company has set a aside almost no

Explain what you would have to do differently

Suppose that you want to allow (only) other users bob and chuck to be able to access the above file. Explain what you would have to do differently from what you described ab

Explain computer etiquette for effective communication

Each day we should be careful to insure that personal information is not compromised. Computer etiquette is difficult for effective communication.

Linear expressions for the height and the length

The volume in cubic feet of a box can be expressed as (x) = x^3 - 6x^2 +8x, or as the product of three linear factors with integer coefficients. The width of the box is x-2.


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