Principles of good design and usability attributes

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Interface evaluation: You will evaluate the user interface of your choice using the principles of good design and usability attributes presented in the texts. You will prepare an 8 to 10 pagepaper that discusses the good and poor design aspects of the interface. Discuss your reactions tothe interface based on the principles of good design and make recommendations for improvingthe product. Instructions for completing this assignment are presented in this course guide.

  • All assignments must be prepared in double-space format, 12 pt. type (preferably TimesRoman), and should include a title page, table of contents, and reference list. Allsubmitted work should contain student name and course number and term

* APA 6th edition format is used for form and style. Consult the APA Guide for how to prepare papers, and for specific directions on how to properly cite work and references in your papers.

  • Use third person narrative consistently throughout your papers. Take a formal approachto presenting your discussion and arguments. Avoid "I, me, we" statements. Instead of,for example, 'We think this is important...", present it in this way, "This is important because..."
  • All assignment submissions have to be scholarly and well presented. You are todemonstrate scholarly knowledge of the subject area. Refrain from stating the obviousand generic things, but be clear. Approach your work from a high level of thinking-what are the underlying issues and how can we approach HCI and usability differently?Synthesizing the literature is very important in this course. Do not simply direct quoteauthors. Instead, paraphrase and cite important sources that describe the essential aspectsof the issues. Compare and contrast what authors are saying about a particular issue.

Reference no: EM13842918

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