Principles of a vapour adsorption refrigeration system

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Describe the principles of a vapour adsorption refrigeration system, and compare this to a vapour recompression system. Which of the two systems is more suitable for refrigeration processes in a brewery or distillery and why?

Reference no: EM13321543

Range of output theoretically possible

An assembly line with 17 tasks is to be balanced. The longest task is 2.3 minutes, and the total time for all tasks is 18 minutes. The line will operate for 460 minutes per

Whether point a is at a higher potential

A point charge Q1 = -5 nC is located at (6, 0, 0). Compute the voltage vba between two points a(1, 0, 0) and b(5, 0, 0). Comment on whether point a is at a higher potential

Determine the 60-hz resistance of this line

A handbook lists the 60-Hz resistance at 50°C of a 900-kcmil aluminum conductor as 0.1185 Ω/mile. If four such conductors are used in parallel to form a line, determine the

Determine which method is thermodynamically more efficient

In the process of Example 6.2, the flow rte of streams 1′ and 2′ is made very high, while the state of streams 1, 2, and 1′ are the same as in the previous example. Repeat t

Liquid-phase irreversible reaction

The liquid-phase irreversible reaction A ? B is carried out in a CSTR. To learn the rate law, the residence time, t is varied and the effluent concentrations of species A ar

Describe the facilities and equipment and technology plan

Describe how the business will operate. Plan and cost the employee requirements. What is required and how to pay them? Describe the facilities and equipment plan and technolog

Overall reaction in a commercial heat pack

The overall reaction in a commercial heat pack can be represented as: 4Fe(s)+  3O2(g) yields 2Fe2O3(s); delta H=1652 kJ a. How much heat is released when 4.00 mol iron is

What is the maximum profit per day it can make

The maximum available supplies per day are: 1500 litres of vodka, 1500 litres of vermouth and 400 litres of ginger. How much of each cocktail should be made to maximize prof


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