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Pharmaceutical companies are in the news recently about 100% price increases on older, off-patent drugs. Less noticed are 10% average annual price increases seen in the contraceptives market over the past seven years. How do you think the two approaches to pricing compare from a financial, ethical, or other perspective?

Reference no: EM131235514

Earliest of theories about what makes leaders effective

According to equity theory, everyone who feels treated unfairly at work will seek other employment. The situational approach was the earliest of theories about what makes lead

Please define type of performance

1. Performance consists of both task and contextual dimensions. Please define each type of performance, and explain whether companies should focus on task performance, cont

Establish control limits for sample means

At Isogen pharmaceuticals the filling process for its asthma inhaler is set to dispense 150 milliliters of steroid solution per container. The average range for a sample of 4

Determine the local prices for some bulk materials

Determine the local prices for some bulk materials such as concrete, sand, cement, steel mesh, bricks, and lumber and compare them to the periodically published prices in the

Why plagiarism is considered unethical

Plagiarism is a problem that novice researchers must be aware of when they begin a research project. There is a discussion regarding plagiarism in the APA manual. Also Turniti

Decided to adopt quality management

A school system has decided to adopt a Quality Management/Organizational Effectiveness approach to doing business. Describe key things they need to do to make a success of thi

Confidence interval of population mean income of mba student

A sample of 16 MBA students taking OTM course in the spring 2016 at university campus, show an average income of $90,000 with the sample standard deviation of $8,000. Find the

Research the term inversion as related to corporate strategy

Research the term “inversion” as related to corporate strategy and define what it means. Why are companies adopting this strategy? Name some of the companies that have adopted


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