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Frozen Delight, Inc. charges an initial franchise fee of $75,000 for the right to operate as a franchisee of Frozen Delight. Of this amount, $25,000 is collected immediately. The remainder is collected in 4 equal annual installments of $12,500 each. These installments have a present value of $41,402. There is reasonable expectation that the down payment may be refunded and substantial future services be performed by Frozen Delight, Inc. Prepare the journal entry required by Frozen Delight to record the franchise fee.

Reference no: EM13128693

Clothing makers and marketers style-one corporation

For five years, clothing makers and marketers Style-One Corporation and Trend Now, Inc., both use the phrase "Looks Great" on their labels. Style-One files a suit against Tr

Carry back and carry forward of nol no valuation account

Prepare the journal entries for the years 2008 to 2012 to record income tax expense and the effects of the net operating loss carry backs and carry forwards assuming Synergeti

Probability sample or a nonprobability sample

The cards are placed in a bin, and 30 winners  will be drawn. Considering the 30 winners as a sample from all of the persons filling out such cards, is this a probability sa

A roasting-salting machine to produce roasted walnuts

(a) Calculate the annual depreciation charge using the straight-line method and the reducing balance method. Assume that an annual rate of 40% is applicable for the reducing

Before, and instituted new accounting policies.

On January 2, 2010, Quo, Inc. hired Reed as its controller. During the year, Reed, working closely with Quo 's president and outside accountants, made changes in accounting po

Ethical actions of politicians and bankers

The county will then make yearly lease payments to repay the obligation. Unlike conventional municipal bonds, the lease payments are not binding obligations on the county an

Contribute and be able to deduct to her traditional ira

A 42-year-old unmarried taxpayer has two sources of income: taxable wages and interest income of $57,000 and $6,300, respectively. If the taxpayer contributes to her 401(k

What advice would you provide the negotiating parties

What advice would you provide the negotiating parties regarding the issue of considering the Eagles Stadium income statement in their discussions? What authoritative literat


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