Prepare soiling by weeding and adding fertilizer

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Project Management Class

1. Create a logical network using the activities listed below.

            Planting a Flower Bed

Purchase flowers, potting soil, and tools

Water flowers

Prepare soiling by weeding and adding fertilizer

Plant flowers

Dig hole

2. Determine project duration for this network

3. Determine the critical path.

4. If there were to be two days delay any of the activities on the critical path, how would that impact the entire project duration; as a Project manager what would you do to address such concerns.

Reference no: EM132183811

Patient experienced abdominal pain and additional surgery

A nurse assisting in a surgical procedure at High Mountain Hospital fails to remove a surgical sponge before the surgeon closes the incision. The patient experienced abdominal

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he work breakdown structure (WBS) for building a house (levels 1 and 2) is shown below: Add two level-3 activities to each of the level-2 activities to provide more detail to

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Privately owned retirement community

A privately owned retirement community and nursing home facility employs nurses, nursing assistants, home care workers, cooks and food service employees, as well as custodians


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