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2-3 Paragraphs
Details: The organization you work for is under investigation for price fixing. You have been asked by your manager to gather some information on recent price fixing cases to help your company defend itself.

Visit the website for the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to get the facts on the most recent price fixing cases. Click on the Search icon, and do a search of News Releases using the words "price fixing." Write a 2-3 paragraph description of a recent price-fixing case.

We give praises to the market system and to the institution of private ownership of resources. But here we will find cases where firms do not act in the best interest of society. Basically, we fear large firms and markets with very few sellers, because firms in these circumstances, the managers of these firms tend to raise prices and restrict the level of output sold. Examine all the types of firms that have been accused of anti competitive actions like in the Microsoft case. You must report on one of these cases. The case must be related to price fixing. Cite your source and any references that you use in APA format.. You must paraphrase and interpret the information gathered on your case. Less than 20% of your posts should be in quotes..


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