Practice with defining and using python module

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z A Python module that contains two functions

Objectives:Practice with defining and using Python module.

Design a Python module by incorporating the two functions, greatest_trivial_factor andisPalindrome,  you defined in previous lab assignments. In other words, your Python module will contain ONLY those two functions. Name your module file

Next, write a simple Python program to use your above designed module. In this Python program, you should first import that module, and then write a main function that calls each of the two functions. Within the main function, prompt users to enter a number and then a string to compute the greatest nontrivial factor of the entered number and determine whether the entered string is a palindrome, and finally display the results. Don't forget to call your main function in your program.


  • You shall submit two files: a Python module (i.e., library) file and a Python program file that uses your Python module. The names of submitted files must be in the following format, for module file and program file, respectively:            

Reference no: EM13983707

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