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Business Continuity Plan

Create a three page policy for business continuity for the White House security staff. Prepare a plan based on the critical nature of information that is presented within the executive department and military strategies that are reviewed for action. Address each item in the policy headings below:

The information to use as a resource for your policy is provided below (taken from SunGard Availability Services at www.sungardas.com, limited use for educational purposes) and also in your reading for the week (See Appendix 1 for policy information).

Plan purpose: for example, to allow company personnel to quickly and effectively restore critical business operations after a disruption.

Plan objective: for example, to identify the processes or steps involved in resuming normal business operations.

Plan scope: for example, the work locations or departments addressed.

Plan scenarios addressed: for example, loss of a primary work area, loss of IT services for a prolonged period of time, loss of workforce, etc.

Plan assumptions: for example, you may want to call out the number of work locations impacted at any given time that key personnel are available for any recovery efforts, or any assumptions you may have made about vendor or utility service availability.

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Reference no: EM13751625

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