Personal and professional self-development plan

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Personal and Professional Self-Development Plan

Consider the self-development plan as a business plan for your professional career development. Similar to a business plan, it should express your desired goals-both short term and long term-your objectives, and the resources you need. All the elements of the plan should allow you to monitor your progress.

This week, you will develop a personal and professional self-development plan that identifies your personal career goals along with the five integral components of professional practice, namely caring, communication, critical thinking, professionalism, and holism.

Your plan will consist of two parts:

Part 1: Personal Career Goals: Begin by identifying your career goals as your role in professional nursing practice evolves. Following this reflection, answer the questions given in the personal and professional self-development plan provided. Share your projected goals at three anchor points-three, five, and ten years.

Part 2: Professional Practice Components: In this section of the plan, identify specific professional practice components that you need to develop further and provide an action plan.

Support your responses with examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.

Assignment 3 Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Identified and described personal career goals at three anchor points-three, five, and ten years. 28
Identified and described long-term goals clearly. 28
Created an action plan to meet the career goals. 32
Identified and explained professional practice components. 32
Written components. 30
Total: 150

Reference no: EM13957935

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