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1. The employee and the supervisor both have important roles during the performance execution phase. Briefly explain each party's responsibilities in this phase of the performance management process. Provide examples of what can occur when either party does not follow through on their respective responsibilities.

2. In what ways is self-appraisal beneficial for performance assessment? What concerns would you have as a manager if your staff's self-appraisal is significantly different than your appraisal as supervisor? How can you remedy this for the next appraisal process?

3. Please explain how the poor implementation of a phase in the process or how a disrupted link between any of the phases such as performance planning, performance execution, performance assessment etc., will have a negative impact on the performance management process as a whole?

4. As an HR manager, part of your role will be to communicate the management performance process to managers that supervise staff. When explaining to a manager how he/she should address performance problems of an employee, what are the most critical points you would emphasize and why?

Reference no: EM131383462

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