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Create a class called Test that has data members for a student's name and a number indicating the test number. This class is used in the following scenario: When a student turns in a test, he or she places it face down on the teacher's desk. If a student wants to check an answer, the teacher has to turn the stack over so that the first test is face up, work through the stack until the student's test is found, and then remove the test from the stack. When the student finishes checking the test, it is reinserted at the end of the stack. Write a Windows application to model this situation. Include textboxes for the user to enter a name and a test number. Put a list box on the form for displaying the final list of tests. Provide four buttons for the following actions:

1. Turn in a test;

2. Let student look at test;

3. Return a test; and

4. Exit.

Perform the following actions to test your application:

1. Enter a name and a test number. Insert the test into a collection named submittedTests.

2. Enter a name, delete the associated test from submittedTests, and insert the test in a collection named outForChecking.

3. Enter a name, delete the test from outForChecking, and insert it in submittedTests.

4. Press the Exit button. The Exit button doesn't stop the application but instead deletes all tests from outForChecking and inserts them in submittedTests and displays a list of all the submitted tests. Use the Collection class from the .NET Framework library.

Reference no: EM131313351

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