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1. As a percentage of your estimated monthly disposable income (which you identified in Week 2), what proportion is represented by your monthly automobile, mortgage, and/or rental payments? What is the percentage remaining after those monthly expenses have been deducted? Assess and discuss the implications in terms of how they influence your personal financial planning.

2. Suppose you found yourself in a position where your monthly level of income was cut in half. Assume this misfortune will persist for the long term. Discuss the effect such a salary reduction would have on your current lifestyle. What conclusions can you draw? What changes would you make regarding your expenses and how would you implement any new financial strategies?

Reference no: EM131383851

Appealing to a variety of learning styles

Even though the training at Clothes-R-Us is designed to be appealing to a variety of learning styles, as the HR Director you are concerned about what methods of delivering t

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Create a list of verbal and nonverbal cues that a member of this profession would display to indicate that he or she is listening. Would the cues and behavior change if the

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Bus325- Identify the top three to five factors that would need to be considered when recruiting in your chosen region. Develop a persuasive closing summary that describes why

How would it impact your organization or industry

From an HR perspective, perhaps one flipside of this week's readings would be the employment of foreign nationals in this country. How would the proposed immigration reform

Cognitive development and decline

Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky's developmental theories offer us two frameworks for understanding our cognitive processing as we age. Aspects of cognition, such as information

Consider a new job applicant evaluation method

What types of measures of job candidates are most likely to be high in terms of their reliability and validityas well as does this make them more useful and how would you expl

Financing advisor working for the world health organization

Imagine you are a health economist, specifically a health financing advisor working for the World Health Organization (WHO). You have been asked to put together a presentati

Show the motivational strategies

Show the motivational strategies of W. L. Gore Corporation. Motivational strategies - identify which of the following strategies the 'W.L. Gore' Company uses to motivate emplo


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