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The overall average on a process you are attempting to monitor is 50 units. The average range is 4 units. The sample size is 5. What are the upper and lower control limits of a 3 sigma mean chart?

A. ( i already did this)Upper control limit is 52.31 and the lower is 47.69.

B. What are the upper and lower control limits of 3 sigma range chart??

Reference no: EM13759697

Compare-contrast strategic controls and financial controls

Compare and contrast strategic controls and financial controls. Provide specific examples of how each may be used to best serve a corporation. As a strategic leader, determine

Check-in counter observes the process characteristics

The supervisor at the American airline check-in counter observes the following process characteristics: there are, on average, 30 customers either waiting in line or being hel

Fundamental to managing a successful project

Resource allocation is fundamental to managing a successful project. Explain how stakeholder management is linked to resource allocation management. Additionally, can you have

Resource-leveling a project-number of heuristics

When resource-leveling a project, a number of heuristics can help us prioritize those activities that should receive resources first. Activities with the smallest slack. Activ

What is the cross-over point

A company is considering producing a gear assembly that it now purchases from a supplier. The supplier charges $4 per unit, with an additional one-time payment of $8,000 units

Plastic liner for concrete highway projects

The specifications for a plastic liner for concrete highway projects calls for a thickness of 3.0 mm 0.2 mm. The standard deviation of the process is estimated to be 0.02 mm.

Upper specification and the lower specification limits

Suppose the difference between the upper specification and the lower specification limits is 0.8 inches. The standard deviation is 0.1 inches. What is the process capability r

What is the maximum cycle time

An assembly line with 20 tasks is to be balanced. The line will operate for 8 hours (or 480 minutes) per day. The longest task is 2.4 minutes, and the total time for all tasks


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