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Dell Computer has hired you directly out of a high quality MBA Program to join its integrated marketing communications team. You have been tasked with composing a synergistic mix of Web 2.0 technologies to promote flagging desktop sales. It is understood that others on your team will address other promotional tools. Considering a healthy but not exorbitant promotion budget,

(a) Compose an outline of the Web 2.0 technologies, message, and timing you would emphasize and

(b) Explain how your recommendations will create synergy (where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts) in support of the organization's objectives. Be creative, but ensure synergy above all.

Reference no: EM1323120

Job descriptions for all positions in company

As a Human Resources Manager of a medium size company, you and your staff have been given the task of creating job descriptions for all the positions in your company (there

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Cultural values impact planning, operations, and decision making for international organizations. The textbook includes a table of United States Values and Possible Alternat

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Prepare a two to three page paper, following the APA guidelines, detailing three of the Common Characteristics of Poor Decision Making

Determining the length of the project

Briefly describe a project in which you are currently involved (e.g., planning a vacation, building an addition to your house, or completing your degree).

Negative publicity-small soccer organization

Do you encourage the other board members to press charges against the treasurer, or do you quietly remove her from office so that your organization does not face negative pu

Benefits of drug testing to employers and employees

What are the benefits of drug testing to employers and employees? What are the costs? Under what conditions would the benefits outweigh the costs?

Major political risks associated with investing in foreign

What are some of the major political risks associated with investing in a foreign country? How does the threat of global terrorism effect foreign investment and the foreign-

Annual performance evaluation-knowledge of motivation theory

Using your knowledge of motivation theory, suggest three possible reasons that could explain why participation rates are down. If, after investigation, those reasons turned


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