Organization has ever received external funding for training

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Has your organization has ever received external funding for training? (Hint: Your HR department will know the answer!) If so, describe the experience. If not, locate sources of funding for training (grants) or providers of low-cost (even free) training for your organization. Report on them.

Reference no: EM131142922

Service design developed for face-to-face encounters

To what extent do you think that models of the service encounter and service design developed for face-to-face encounters, e.g. Servicescape, are applicable in an online servi

Role of management-reflected by management theory

A manager is a person whose job it is to direct the implementation and achievement of a subset of organizational goals. compare and contrast the role of management, as reflect

Demographics will be changing rapidly

U.S. demographics will be changing rapidly over the next several decades. As the U.S. population changes, what are the implications of these changes in terms of community heal

Differ from vertical growth as a corporate strategy

How is corporate parenting different from portfolio analysis? How is it alike? is it a useful concept in a global industry? How do horizontal growth differ from vertical growt

The potential challenges or limitations of feed forward

Create a new post that describes your experience using feed forward. Explain how you might use this tool as a manager in your current organization or in the future, as well

Has eduardo entered into an enforceable contract

Eduardo has recently moved to Pittsburgh and wishes to enhance his social life. While visiting the website of Made For You, Eduardo reads a pop-up window that states, “We are

Elucidate how can a manager demonstrate

Elucidate how can a manager demonstrate which he/she is a responsible end user of an information system also give examples.

What value does it add to project planning

What is a WBS, how is it used and what value does it add to project planning? Distinguish between closing out and terminating a project. Think beyond the textbook on this one.


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