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The annual demand for an office supply company is 24,000 units. Its costs $30.00 to place an order and the holding cost per unit per year is $1.75. The company places an order on a quarterly basis. How much company will save its annual inventory cost if its order is based on Economic order quantity (EOQ)? (Show your work)

Reference no: EM131371312

What are the relevant facts and legal issue

You have been in business and profiting while making a well-established name for your business. Five years ago when you started your business, you created a special logo and u

What are the communication ethics of labeling a product

What are the communication ethics of labeling a product as made in a country (typically for marketing reasons) when it is only minimally true? Do you think that companies shou

Explain how important is trust in any relationship

Why is it important for new employees to feel welcomed into the organization. What are some strategies mentors can use to help protégés feel welcome. How important is trust

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Three hundred and ninety boxes are to be shipped, and each box has a price of $154. Which shipping alternative would you recommend? Shipper A option 2 days= $ ? Shipper B op

Should the manager invest in the new equipment

An employee has proposed adding new equipment that would speed up the loading rate to 4.2856 trucks per day. The equipment would cost $100 per day for each dock. Should the

Guests of contracting hiv from someone what is handling food

There was a very disturbing incident yesterday afternoon in the hotel restaurant where James works. One of the newer cooks, Gary, who seemed to be working out very well, cut h

Three legal issues presented in the film

Reflect on the actions of Kenneth Lay, Jeffrey Skilling, Lou Pai, Andrew Fastow, and the auditors of Arthur Andersen depicted in The Smartest Guys in the Room. Without conduct

What do you think of doing internships for future employment

Over the past two decades there has been an increase in the hiring of temporary workers. (See the link for "The Disposable Worker" in the notes. The contingent or temporary wo


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