Off limit topics include grading and assignments in class

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For this assignment, think of something you would like to change at school, where you live, or where you work. It can be a change in a process or how something is completed. You will write a memo to me to persuade me to do what you are asking. Off limit topics include grading and assignments in this class. Follow the AIDA approach shown below; however, the persuasive message in fully discussed in chapter 12 so be sure to read the chapter. Complete research for any details you may need. You will be writing a memo with a TO: FROM: DATE: and SUBJECT: Be sure to include an informative subject line. The memo should follow the AIDA approach. (Page 319) Paragraph 1 - Attention-getting Paragraph 2 - Build Interest Paragraph 3 - Create Desire Paragraph 4 - Motivate Action

Reference no: EM131135418

The number one ethical concern in market research

What should we do if we find a piece of research that our boss wants to use to support their decision, but we have found it to be unethical in its approach? What do you see as

Power distance and individualism versus collectivism

Power distance: The manner in which interpersonal relationships are formed when differences in power are perceived. The relationship can either be formal, subordinate, or, alt

Calculate the efficiency of this production line

An industrial food processor needs to design a product layout for a new line of frozen pizza. The company plans to use this new production line eight hours a day in order to m

Making coated candies is an interesting process

Coating chocolate with a hard shell began with M&Ms during worldwar II. Coated candies were easier to transport because the coating prevented them from melting. Making coated

Kind of ethical-social and political issues

Search the ITT Tech Virtual Library and find an article detailing how an organization is using a knowledge management system to make better business decisions. What kind of et

When should you use ethical relativism

When should you use ethical relativism, and when should you use ethical universalism? What are problems of each? As a multinational manager, what should you do to eliminate or

Create teamwork in an organizational culture

How can you as manager create teamwork in an organizational culture that is not team oriented? What kinds of problems can you encounter using teams in an organizational enviro

Team mediation techniques

Select one of the team mediation techniques (negotiation, role clarification, or start-stop-continue), and describe how you would use this technique to defuse a team conflict


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