Obtain a primitive flow table for the circuit

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A traffic light is installed at a junction of a railroad and a road. The traffic light is con-trolled by two switches in the rails plated one mile apart on either side of the junction. A switch is turned on when the train is ova it and is turned off otherwise. The traffic light changes from green (logic-0) to red (logic-I) when the beginning of the train is one mile from the junction. The light changes back to green when the end of the train is one mile away from the junction. Assume that the length of the train is less than two miles. (a) Obtain a primitive flow table for the circuit. (b1 Show that the flow table can be reduced to four rows)

Reference no: EM131190702

Describe the purpose of a mac address

1.  Why does FDDI have counter rotating rings? Be sure to provide details why it uses them, not only why it has a second ring, but specifically why counter-rotating. Provide d

How much square feet of pizza you will have to buy

Your friends can move 20 boxes an hour, but they require one 16 inch (diameter) pizza for this work. Write a function in Python that takes the number of boxes you have and

Database tables that the it staff

Suppose that you are the database developer for a local college. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) has asked you to provide a summary of normalizing database tables that t

Class templates are typically used to replace overloaded

1.How would you overload the comparison operators == and !=? What is the format to overload these operators? 2. Class templates are typically used to replace overloaded func

Program that accepts 10 integers and determines and prints

write a program that accepts 10 integers and determines and prints the smallest and largest integer input by the user. Your program should use at least the following four vari

Create a simplified version of the card game poker

Figure 6-41 shows the start of a typical program execution. By the end of the game, 26 hands will have been dealt and a total of 52 cards will have been acquired by the two

Input two arrays of information

Write a program that will input two arrays of information. Each array will contain exactly 4 floating point values. Your program will enter these values from standard input.

Information for future planning

It's important to monitor your servers'' performance over time. But, what are the most important aspects to monitor and how often? As a network administrator, how do you bes


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