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1: Product Class

Need to make a class called product that contains data on an item in retail store. The class should store the following information in attributes of data: product identification, item description, inventory units and price. To require all four attributes for write the init method. And need a str for debugging output as well.

After make the class, need another a main() function that creates three objects in the product and stores the following data. Required use __str__method and have to make sure that data is properly stored.

ID Description Quantity Price

1 Jacket 12 59.95

2 Designer Jeans 40 34.95

3 Shirt 20 24.95

2: Inventory Module

Need an Inventory module by moving the Product Class definition to another file that called inventory.py. Add three __doc__ strings: one that describe the inventory module that include (my name and the date here), one that's describing the Product class.

After that rename the file with the main() function to test inventory.py

*Add an import at the top of the file to read the Product class definition.

And add calls to test the three __doc__ strings.

Finally, need to test the program that make sure it still works.

Reference no: EM132184213

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