Note that the slider is not currently functional

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Modify the slider so that the start and end (and possibly other tick marks) are labeled with numbers. The start should be zero, and the end should be the length of the music file. The MusicPlayer class has a get Length method. Note that the slider is not currently functional.

Reference no: EM131372414

Develope a work breakdown structure

Developing a Work Breakdown Structure. Watch videos 9 thru 13B of the Microsoft Project Tutorial. Read the tutorial and get the link to download Microsoft Project immediately

Develop an inspirational vision statement

Develop an inspirational vision statement to effectively lead the team. Describe the process you used to develop the vision statement. Describe business strategy and strategic

Analyze the impact of e-commerce on a business

This assignment provides you with an opportunity to analyze the impact of e-commerce on a business. First, choose ONE of the following case studies that can be located in th

What are the successor points for pants in the figure

Given one of the points in the minimal set you just found, describe a method for generating the successors of this point in the corresponding search graph What are the succe

Corporate agency policy on employee use of instant messaging

What specific questions should a corporate or government agency policy on "Employee use of Instant Messaging (IM) using corporate computers" address?

Bottle of french champagne

After a great deal of experimentation, two college senior physics majors determined that when a bottle of French champagne is shaken several times, held upright, and uncorke

Determine the coefficient of static friction

Determine the coefficient of static friction between the friction pad at A and ground if the inclination of the ladder isθ = 60 ° and the wall at B is smooth.

Firewalls own user management software

You have configured your firewall to authenticate a group of 100 users within your company. You set up the user database with the firewalls own user management software.


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