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1. Suppose you have the following noisy data: 33,  23,  40,  22,  46,  33,  52,  27,  43,  38,  28

Smooth the data above by:

a) Bin Means with bins of size 4.                            

b) Bin Boundaries with bins of size 4.

2. Use Min/Max normalization to represent the hypothetical data below in the scale [1-10]

28  -  35  -  62  -  69  -  73

3. By using decimal scaling, normalize the values of   8,  66,  171   that falls between 1 and 999.

4.  The Table below shows hypothetical data of transactions. Each transaction include set of items I  (itemset), where  I = {X, Y, Z, M, N}




X     Z     M


X     Y  


X     Y     Z 


X     Y     M    N

Accordingly, use Aproiri Algorithm to find association rule from frequent itemset Li that meet a minimum support of 3 and minimum confidence of 75%.

Reference no: EM131355428

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