Non-adiabatic operations of flow reactors

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Explain Non-adiabatic operations of flow reactors. 15In non-adiabatic operations, heat interchange with the surroundings will beaccounted. The conversion can be defined as the ratio of the net heat still needed after heattransfer to raise the feed to T2to the heat released by reaction at T2. Thus,XA= (C'P?T - Q) / (-?Hr2)Where C'Pis the mean specific heat of either unreacted feed stream or of completelyconverted product stream per mole of entering reactant 'A';?T = (T2 - T1); T1& T2are thetemperatures of the entering and leaving streams & 'Q' is the heat interchange to thesurroundings per mole of entering reactant 'A'

Reference no: EM13884856

What percentage of the dissolved salt crystallizes

The solubility of sodium bicarbonate in water is 11.1 g NaHCO3/l0O g H2O at 30°C and 16.4 g NaHCO3/100 g H20 at 60°C. If a saturated solution of NaHCO3 at 60°C is cooled and

How the specific volume of each liquid varies with temp

Using the information in the above table to show how the specific volume of each liquid varies with temperature.   You should plot a graph for each liquid and use this graph t

Edge length of the cube of uranium

The final temperature of the uranium and deuterium oxide mixture is 28.5C. Given the densities of uranium (19.05 g/cm3) and deuterium oxide (1.11 g/mL), what is the edge le

What replacement return on his capital investment will the o

All other expenses except depreciation would be unchanged. If the old canning unit can be sold for $600, what replacement return on his capital investment will the owner rec

Four transition metal ions

If the mass percent of vanadium in the ore was 58.1%, what was the mass of the ore sample? Which of the four transition metal ions in this titration has the highest oxidatio

Compute the increase in temperature and entropy

Compute the increase in temperature and entropy if saturated liquid water at 10 kPa is pumped to a pressure of 9.0 MPa, if the pump is 75% efficient (where 100% efficiency wou

Calculate the magnetic flux in the core

Now suppose a 10-mm air gap is cut across the toroid. Determine the current that must be supplied to the coil to produce the same value of magnetic flux density as in part (

Determine the temperature and composition of the two phases

A stream that contains a methanol/ethanol mixture with 32% mol methanol is flashed to 100 °C to a pressure such that the molar rate of the vapor stream is 75% of the feed. D


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