National and Global economic environment and ICICI Bank
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ICICI Bank is India's second-largest bank with total assets of Rs. 4,736.47 billion at March thirty one, 2012 and profit when tax Rs. 64.65 billion for the year finished March thirty one, 2012. The Bank includes a network of three, 130 branches and ten,486 ATMs in Bharat, and includes a presence in nineteen countries, together with India.

These report envelopes:

1.      Introduction of ICICI bank

2.      Impact of economic change on ICICI bank

3.      The role of government spending in the economy

4.      Impacts on ICICI

5.      Fiscal factors

6.      Monetary factors

7.      Impact of European and global factors on ICICI

8.      Conclusion

9.      References

10.  Bibliography

Now with the globalization, the boundaries of economy are not limited to nation only. It is far wider than a nation. Lehman brothers case is an great example of it.

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