Networking and types of networking
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This document is prepared for the core understanding of networks, their importance and their various types which are worth to comprehend.

1.      Objective of the study

2.      Description

3.      Network Topology

4.      Bus Topology

5.      Ring Topology

6.      Star Topology

7.      Tree Topology

8.      Mesh Topology

9.      Different Networks in Computer systems

                                                  Types of Networks:                    

1.LAN(Local Area Networking)

2.WLAN(Wireless Local Area Networks)

3.WAN(Wide Area Networks)

4.MAN(Metropolitan Area Networks)

5.CAN(Campus Area Networks)

6.SAN(Storage or Sytem Area Network)

7.PAN(Personal Area Network)

8.Dan(Desk Area Network)

These are primarily used for server purposes, and allow other computers to connect to these System Area Networks. Permission to different access points are given according to what status a system is on the System Area Network, such as administrators or simple users.

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