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It can be hard to imagine, but there was once a time when the Internet did not exist. Before screen monitors or mobile apps such as Yelp, recommendations were usually given by word of mouth, through friends or amongst other information avenues.

Nowadays, like magic, there are social network-based recommender systems, proximity location-based application and a handful of other models and features. Seeking a recommendation (for anything) these days is only a click away!

In this Assignment, you will try a real recommender system in your own life and critique its effectiveness.

To complete this Assignment

Find an example of a recommender system other than Netflix. Try it and then write one concise page in which you define and critique the following:

  • The system goal
  • How well it achieved this goal
  • Its mechanics, or how it extracts informational input and disseminates output

Reference no: EM131177364

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