Network-based intrusion-detection tool

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To prepare for this Discussion, locate a network-based intrusion-detection tool (other than an NIDS) on the Internet and study it thoroughly. Critique the tool you have selected and provide two techniques that an attacker might use to avoid being detected by this tool.

Reference no: EM131234981

Develop a good business relationship with the customer

During the meeting your boss alsos want to identify some new business opportunities and perhaps develop a good business relationship with the customer. Prepare a 2 page docu

Local community non-profit organization

Web site topic: Your boss has asked you to create a web site for: a local community non-profit organization that sells rummage sale items. This week, they have asked you to se

Effort required for various project

Estimation of the effort required for various project tasks is one of the toughest assignments for a project planner. In an organization, who is the best judge for the effort

An organization can prepare for and avoid the challenge

Identifying three primary challenges when deploying Active Directory and using it in an organization. Discuss specific ways an organization can prepare for and avoid the chall

Ordering of product for the business to sell

In your initial post, fully explain the information and/or make predictions for the future based on your findings. For example, if you are using previous sales for your data

Completion of the digital forensics process

Investigation reports are essential for the the completion of the digital forensics process. What are some of these reports and why don't we just use video evidence to docum

Selecting and installing a nic

In a few sentences, describe some of the considerations you'll have to make when selecting and installing a NIC. What questions will you ask when accomplishing this task?

Explain how engineers be assigned to maximize sales

A sales manager has 3 areas and 5 sales engineers. If assignment of sales engineers to areas will result in expected sales as shown, how must engineers be assigned to maximi


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