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On December 31, 2010, the net assets of Marino Manufacturing amounted to $40,000. Net income calculated by using the financial capital maintenance concept amounted to $12,000. During the year, additional common stock was issued for $8,000, and $5,000 of dividends was paid. The net assets at January 1, 2010, amounted to:

a) $31,000

b) $37,000

c) $20,000

d) $25,000

Reference no: EM13156301

Amount and character of loss reported on joint return

During 2010, Vera Venture sold her interests in two small business corporations. Her loss on Ballpoint Pen Corporation stock was $120,000 and her loss on Pencils Corporation

Charitable contribution deduction concepts

Prior to a charitable gift to the Plato University of land with a basis of $6,000 and a value of $13,000, All-Set, Inc. had taxable income of $50,000. If the dividends-recei

Dividends-received deduction

One year Potter, Inc. had gross income from sales of $210,000, business expenses of $230,000, and dividend income from U.S. corporations of $150,000. Potter's 80 percent div

Transferred inventory to a corporation

Evan Erman transferred inventory to a corporation in a Code Sec. 351 transaction. His basis in the inventory was $10,000 and its value was $8,000. If he received $2,000 in c

Depreciation recapture potential

Sandra Sherman incorporates her apartment building. It has a basis of $50,000, a value of $150,000, is subject to a mortgage of $70,000 and has a depreciation recapture pote

Prepare a statement of cash flows for sondegaard corporation

Addtl. Info: Investments were sold at a loss (not extraordinary) of $7,000; no equipment was sold; cash dividends paid were $50,000; and net income was $160,000 Prepare a st

Corporate and partnership forms of organization

What is the difference in the percentage of the firm's pre-tax income that investors actually receive and can spend under the corporate and partnership forms of organization

Preparing financial statements of a company

Grayson Bank agrees to lend the Trust Company $100,000 on January 1. Trust Company signs a $100,000, 9%, 9-month note. What is the adjusting entry required if Trust Company


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