Nadine has a production function

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Suppose that Nadine has a production function 4x1 + x2. If the factor prices are $4 for factor 1 and $2 for factor 2, how much will it cost her to produce 70 units of output?

Reference no: EM131273664

Development of a strategic plan for a business

Is strategic planning as important for a small company as for a large company? Why or why not? How would you approach the development of a strategic plan for a business you

Project generate to break even

Your banker agrees to provide $10,000 today to finance a new project. In return, they require a 12% annual compound rate of interest on their investment repayable in three y

Analyze the elements of the cause of action

Write a 700-to 1,050-word paper in which you include the following: Analyze the religious discrimination and accommodation issues presented in the video. Analyze the elements

International professional sports team

Identify 1 international professional sports team (non-US) and its major sponsors. Present any sponsorship-related information (signage, logos on apparel, television rights,

What advice would you give to foreigners

What advice would you give to foreigners entering into negotiations with Chinese negotiators while taking into account Chinese cultural values, yet not falling back on cultu

Broadcasting from china late

ABC's Diane Sawyer was broadcasting from China late in 2010. On the Monday night evening news, she interviewed Jack Ma, (who had lived in Seattle) founder of Internet tradi

Musician faces a monopolistic market

Assuming that the musician faces a monopolistic market (and wouldlike to maximise profits), how many music albums should he sell and atwhat price? Provide a mathematical sol

Prepare an outline of the points for joe to make

Prepare an outline of the points for Joe to make in his discussion with his brother. Explain the role of the 21st Century leader. Make sure to reference your reading mat


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