Multidimensional databases different from relational

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Three things to consider, then research and post (please only do ONE and only ONE aspect of that ( in depth quality is better than vague overview of everything):

1. How are a data warehouse and a data mart related?

2. Why must data be "transformed" by the ETL process before loading them in the data warehouse?

3. How are multidimensional databases different from relational databases?

Reference no: EM131178612

Chief executive officer of a silicon valley software company

As the chief executive officer of a Silicon Valley software company, you become aware that your chief competitor is working on a new computer program that will revolutionize

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Your supervisor wants you to consider both commercial and free products. Research both kinds of software firewalls, choose one product from each category, and then prepare a

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Calculate the number of elements that will be allocated when using an array of arrays implementation and a list of lists implementation of the Array2D abstract data type for

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If the company makes a profit of $320 on each case of drug A and $500 on each case of drug B, how many cases of each drug should be produced in order to maximize profit?

Analyse the data and draw conclusions

The optimum conditions occur at one of the actual test combinations because all four design factors were treated as qualitative. With continuous factors, the optimal conditi

Discuss the purpose of the php procedures

If the abstract link is selected then the script will display ALL the information about that one paper. That is - the principal author, the authors, the title and the abstra

Internet and use of communication

Please answer the below questions in 400 or more words. Needs to be orginial content please. 1. How has the Internet and use of communication impacted the outcome of war(s)?

Manager in the marketing department

Mailroom clerk: Entry level for a long-term existing company in San Diego, CA. Manager in the marketing department: Mid-level position in a start-up company, in Scottsdale, AZ


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