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Discussion One:

"Money Management and Financial Planning" Please respond to the following:

Question 1: From the case study, suggest a new business strategy for this company, forecasting potential growth for the next five years. Determine the steps that the company should explore to improve the business while minimizing financial risk. Note: Use the PlanningShop's Business Plan Financial package to support your strategy. The PlanningShop's Business Plan Financial package is located in the online course shell.

Question 2: Evaluate the financial planning process for new business ventures in terms of how it both challenges and benefits new ventures. Provide an example of each (i.e., challenges and benefits) from industry to support your position.

Reference no: EM13720577

Informed consent and ethical challenges

In each case, answer the questions at the end of the case and give researched references to support your assertions; also, explain what would be the ethical course of action

Where you have reacted poorly due to misinteretation

Describe a situation where you have reacted poorly due to a misinteretation , later finding yourself in need of making an apology and correcting your actions. For example: You

How does jason show moral courage

How does Jason show moral courage? What are his barriers to making the moral choice (think about the Rituals of Intimation - define each and give an example from the movie

How has it contributed to your leadership personality

In Chapter 4 of Leading for a Lifetime, Bennis describes "crucibles." What relationship do these "defining crucibles" have to leadership? To date, what is your most signific

What skill juanita have to develop better ful fill herrole

What skills might Juanita have to develop to better fulfill her role? How might Juanita engage line managers to become more involved in what has traditionally been HR's func

Sector of the framework

For each company you chose in Part 1 of this discussion, compare and contrast each sector of the framework and determine which key area(s) provides a competitive advantage.

Writing a paper on the human resource management

Throughout the course, you will be tasked with selecting, researching, and then writing a paper on the Human Resource Management (HRM) topic of your choice. You are encourag

Critical analysis and discussions of the issue

Your presentation must include detailed critical analysis and discussions of the issue, making use of relevant theories and concepts to elucidate and support your analysis a


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