Modify the previous program to get its input from a file

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1. Modify the previous program to get its input from a file.

2. Heating and cooling degree-days are measures used by utility companies to estimate energy requirements. If the average temperature for a day is below 60, then the number of degrees below 60 is added to the heating degree-days. If the temperature is above 80, the amount over 80 is added to the cooling degree-days. Write a program that accepts a sequence of average daily temps and computes the running total of cooling and heating degree-days. The program should print these two totals after all the data has been processed.

Reference no: EM131302324

Write a program that finds the gcd of two numbers

The Goldbach conjecture asserts that every even number is the sum of two prime numbers. Write a program that gets a number from the user, checks to make sure that it is even

Write a program to animate a circle bouncing around a window

Modify the face class from the previous problem to include a move method similar to other graphics objects. Using the move method, create a program that makes a face bounce

How many points they have, and gives opening bids

Write a program that deals four bridge hands, counts how many points they have, and gives opening bids. You will probably need to consult a beginner's guide to bridge to hel

Create a class deck that represents a deck of cards

Blackjack (twenty-one) is a casino game played with cards. The goal of the game is to draw cards that total as close to 21 points as possible without going over. All face ca

How many times each square was landed on

Suppose you take a random walk of n steps. On average, how many steps away from the starting point will you end up? Write a program to help you investigate this question.

Find the largest number in a list

Computer scientists and mathematicians often use numbering systems other than base 10. Write a program that allows a user to enter a number and a base and then prints out th

Write a program to perform spell-checking on a text file

Automated spell checkers are used to analyze documents and locate words that might be misspelled. These programs work by comparing each word in the document to a large dicti

Information security governance

Information security management and governance are not simply implemented tasks within organizations. An information security governance program is a program that must be th


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