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1. The DLA Simple model often winds up with long, tendril-like particle traces. Why does this occur? Why does this pattern change when you make the decision to stick or not to stick probabilistically as we did in the second extension?

2. Modify the DLA Simple model so that it can have multiple colors of particles.

Reference no: EM131330416

Hierarchy of controls are most applicable

What levels of the hierarchy of controls are most applicable to system safety? Are any levels not useful when applying system safety? Provide one or more examples that suppo

Algorithm for computing a set of synaptic weights

Use the back-propagation algorithm for computing a set of synaptic weights and bias levels for a neural network structured as in Fig. 4.8 to solve the XOR problem. Assume th

Tcp procedure for estimating rtt

Let the TCP procedure for evaluating RTT. Assume that α = 0:5. Let SampleRTT1 be the Most recent sample RTT, let SampleRTT2 be the next most recent sample.

Encode the data structure

Assume a data structure is made of an INTEGER of value (131) and another structure made of an IPAddress of value ( and an OCTETSTRING("UDP"). Using BER, encode th

Create an applet to draw a digit using the method

Create an applet to draw a digit using the method fillRect of the class Graphics. For instance, if the input is 4, the applet will display the digit 4. In java language plea

Find the density function for the lifetime of the machine

A machine breaks when N shocks have been received. If the shocks occur at times which form a Poisson process with parameter λ, find the density function for the lifetime of

C++ function that receives an integer passed to it

Write a statement that calls the divide By Two function from Pencil and Paper Exercise 1, passing the function the contents of the total variable. The statement should assig

Virtual reality platform

The video about VR and Facebook includes a discussion that virtual reality platform will be a future human computer interface. In terms of user experience, how would you env


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