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I picked the company Apple Inc. for a milestone 3 assignment. What I need help in is writing an HR proposal, which should highlight how the HR department, under my leadership, will operate as an effective business partner. The strategies down below should be considered and incorporated into my proposal:

Methods of advancing the organization’s vision and mission through effective leadership and critical evaluation and decision making

A global outlook and cross-cultural approach in the interest of improving cultural responsiveness and capitalizing on diversity

Organizational development efforts to foster collaboration and guide the organization through changes

Application of performance management and total rewards programs to attract, inspire and retain a highly skilled and effective workforce

A plan of how to effectively build stronger relationships with all stakeholders through trust, teamwork, and direct communication

Evaluation of how the department will continue protecting the integrity of the business, its employees, and its management practices through appropriate risk management and legal and ethical practices (Data Analysis).

Reference no: EM132234416

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