Mips floating point binary value to the decimal value

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1. Convert the following MIPS floating point binary value to the decimal value: (IEEE 754 format)

0100 0101 0111 1011 1110 1000 0000 0000

2. Convert 0.72515 to a binary fraction (total of 8 bits)

Reference no: EM131168415

Write bash shell script filestatic to examine number files

Write bash shell script filestatic. Script should examine the number files in directories given as arguments (parameters) to this script.

Universal health care

Universal health care has been a topic of interest and debate in the United States.  Any health care system presents both positives and negatives. From your text readings an

How many entries are there at 8th and final level of tree

If our 8 Queens algorithm tried every possible square on the board for placing each queen, how many entries are there at the 8th and final level of the full tree? What does

Outsource pan for the next week to maximize profit

The nearby company can supply a maximum of 300 units of each type of gear next week. What should be the production and/or outsource pan for the next week to maximize profit?

Create a single log file from these 7 log files

4.In the assignment4 directory are several log files containing IP addresses. Create a single log file from these 7 log files using a single line of commands that are chained

Resources on an engineering project

As a formal engineering procedure, the order should be engineering design (calculations), computer simulation, and lastly construction of a physical circuit. Why would this

Implement a simple menu-driven text adventure

For this assignment you will be provided with incomplete sample starter code that you can modify and build upon. Your task will be to carry out the design, analysis, coding

What is the standard iana-registered higher-level

How could you determine whether or not a TCP service is running at port 13 of a given Internet host? Test this for the host(s) assigned by your instructor. What is the stand


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