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A department had 12,500 units which were 20% complete in beginning Goods in Process Inventory. During the current period 60,000 units were transferred in. Ending Goods in Process Inventory was 15,000 units which were 70% complete. Assume this company uses the FIFO method of process costing and direct material is added uniformly throughout the process. What are the equivalent units produced of direct material?

Reference no: EM13146132

What is the amount of the check

Colt Company sells merchandise on account for $1,800 to James Company with credit terms of 2/10, n/30. Jones Company returns $300 of merchandise that was damaged, along with

Concentration on dividend payout of company

Assuming everything else is the same, is this simple concentration on the dividend payout of the company a good valuation technique? Take the FALSE approach with your answer

Break-even point and margin of safety

In the middle of the year, the price of Lake Corporation's major raw material increased by 8%. How would this increase affect the company's break-even point and margin of sa

Compute the amount of goods available for sale

Compute the amount of goods available for sale, ending inventory, and cost of goods sold at December 31, 2009, under each of the following inventory costing methods.

Initial cash flow for expansion project

The company currently owns some unused equipment valued at $60,000. This equipment could be used for producing awnings if $5,000 is spent for equipment modifications. Other

Aging of receivables analysis

Paloma Company estimates uncollectible accounts using the allowance method at December 31. It prepared the following aging of receivables analysis

Absence of an agreement to the contrary

Carlos owes Gord Motors 20k and in default. Rick pays Gord Motors the entire amount. In the absence of an agreement to the contrary, Rick can recover from peter.

Personal expenses on variable and fixed basis

Analyze your personal expenses on a variable and fixed basis. What are some of your personal fixed costs and variable costs? What would cause them to change?


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