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TQM program uses several quantitative tools and measurements to ensure quality of the process. Evaluating processes and performances that uses system of quantitative rates, reports, annual reviews of attainments, etc. can cause forced quotes, classification and ratings that entail unhealthy competition, break of team collaboration within company. Provide your arguments that instead of such purely quantitative systems, managers should personally comment employees' work, advice and help to improve it.

Reference no: EM13899002

Cultivated a friendship with several union stewards

The employees of Alexander Hotel are unionized. The owner has cultivated a friendship with several union stewards - they drink and play cards together. When they do ask for ra

Process of time management instead of scope management

Why do you think defining activities is a process of time management instead of scope management? How might activity resource estimating affect estimated activity duration?

Transfer price decisions

The Consulting Division of IBM Corporation is often involved in assignments for which IBM computer equipment is sold as part of a systems installation. The Computer Equipment

Unique to the manager in contemporary business

Revisit the 21st century manager as an individual. Who is s/he? What does s/he do? How does s/he accomplish their job within the organization? What challenges are unique to th

Suppose the break-even quantity in make-or-buy situation

Suppose the break-even quantity in a make-or-buy situation is 1.5 million units. The expected production quantity is 1 million units. In-house production incurs a lower fixed

Develop the strengths and weaknesses of the surveys

Be forewarned! These exercises usually make \monsters" out of otherwise meek business school students. Once you learn to critique a questionnaire, you’ll never be able to look

Discuss topics of exempt securities-exempt transactions

Discuss the pertinent aspects of the 1933 Securities Act. Specifically discuss the topics of “Exempt Securities” and “Exempt Transactions” and offerings of securities to which

Partnership-corporation and limited liability company

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of doing business as a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation and Limited Liability Company, along with the consideration of bi


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